Top 8 Best Features of Apple iOS 11.3

top 8 best features of apple ios 11.3

Top 8 Best Features of Apple iOS 11.3. After a long beta period, iOS 11.3 is now out in the world. It brings with it updates for ARKit and the augmented reality experience, improved battery health monitoring, new Animoji for the iPhone X, business chat in messages, and much more.

Here are The Features of iOS 11.3.

Top 8 Best Features of Apple iOS 11.3 Overview

1. Augmented Reality gets vertical

iOS 11.3 comes with support for the latest version of Augmented Reality, which can now recognize and place augmented reality objects on vertical surfaces and can now detect images like artwork and movie posters in AR apps. It also supports higher-resolution AR camera views.

2. Battery Health

With this new tool, you can check up on the health of your iPhone’s battery and control the iOS performance management feature, which slows down the performance of your device in exchange for longer battery life once your iPhone’s battery hits a certain maximum capacity level. The new Battery Health screen lets you see your battery’s maximum capacity, and turn the performance management feature on or off. Apple stresses that this feature is still in beta, despite iOS 11.3’s public release.

iPad Charge Management

For iPads that spend large amounts of time plugged in, such as those used in sales kiosks or those stored in charging carts, iOS 11.3 will maintain their battery status as a way of improving battery health.

3. Message Updates

Messages received a couple of notable updates with this release. The first is Business Chat, which lets you message back and forth with companies that have set it up in order to ask questions, schedule appointments, and even buy products.

New Animojies

iPhone X owners have access to four new Animoji characters: lion, bear, dragon, and skull.

4. Health Records

Access your health records on a single timeline so that you have a complete picture of your medical history. Health Records let you view hospital visits, immunizations, lab results, and more right in the Health app.

5. Apple Music

iOS 11.3 introduces a new experience around music videos within Apple Music, with a new dedicated section inside the Browse tab. There are also now exclusive video playlists.

Apple Music’s social features have also been improved, making it easier to find friends with similar tastes in music.

6. HomeKit Software Authentication

HomeKit now supports software authentication with iOS 11.3. This gives developers and accessory manufacturers new options in creating new HomeKit accessories.

7. Safari Browser

iOS 11.3 is about promoting privacy and security. Safari now only autofills usernames and passwords after they’re selected in a web form field. You’ll also now receive warnings when filling out passwords or credit card information on non-secure websites. Autofill is also available in web views within apps.

8. Other Changes

There are a number of other, smaller changes in iOS 11.3.

  • You can now sort App Store reviews by most useful, most favorable, most critical, or most recent. The Updates tab in the App Store also now shows the version number app and the update’s file size.
  • A number of Accessibility bugs have been fixed, and the App Store now supports the Bold Text and Large Font options.
  • Advanced Mobile Location support, which can provide more accurate location data to emergency services when placing an emergency call in countries where this technology is supported.
  • Main titles now always appear first under the “For You” section in News
  • News now features videos curated by Apple’s editors.
  • Improvements for Chinese and Japanese keyboards, and the addition of two Shuangpin layouts.
  • A host of bug fixes.
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