Top 5 Best PDF Readers For Windows 10

Top 5 Best PDF Readers For Windows 10

Top 5 Best PDF Readers For Windows 10. PDFs are one of the most prevalent file types and also one of the oldest. PDF Readers are popular because they combine text formatting and images into a single file type that can work universally across different operating systems, hardware and applications.

Top 5 Best PDF Readers For Windows 10 Overview

Whether it’s a bank statement, invoice or letter, many of the documents you receive through email are likely sent as PDF files. They’re also common in the workplace, with the PDF specification enabling encryption, digital signatures, and more…

Although virtually all email services, web browsers, applications and operating systems will let you view PDF documents, they’re not specifically designed to handle these files. For instance, if you preview and try to print out a PDF document, the paper copy may look slightly misconfigured.

That’s where PDF readers come into the mix. These applications often contain built-in, specialized features that allow you to do much more than merely view PDF files – you can also use these apps to edit, convert and manage PDFs without any issues or fuss. In this article, we’ve picked out five of the best readers for Windows devices.

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1. Adobe Acrobat DC

adobe acrobat

Software giant Adobe not only pioneered the PDF, but it has also created a highly popular and comprehensive application that lets you manage such documents effectively. Acrobat DC provides you with the tools to download, convert and edit PDF files across computers, tablets, and smartphones.

With the software, you can use your smartphone camera to capture and turn any document into a high-quality PDF. There’s also a new file comparison tool, which quickly and accurately analyzes two PDF files to find any differences. That could be handy if you’re looking to compare different drafts of the same piece of work.

What’s more, when you create a PDF document using Acrobat, you’re sent a smart file that you can edit, sign, share, and search. You can even use the built-in preview feature to see what the document will look like on different screen sizes and resolutions. And if you’re writing a letter or have been sent an important form, you can add your signature by using the Acrobat app on a touchscreen-enabled device.

Download Adobe Acrobat DC

2. Foxit PhantomPDF

foxit pdf

Foxit has developed a sophisticated PDF management app, with PhantomPDF being pushed as a tool that goes well beyond PDF viewing, providing a range of cloud-based tools that allow you to create and customize documents at scale.

Described by the company as a ‘transformative’ PDF application, the software lets you create and modify PDFs while providing a plethora of sophisticated management, security, and collaboration features. For instance, you can manage who has access to documents, track who opens them, notify readers of document updates and send document requests to your colleagues.

This software also sports a whole suite of useful editing tools. You can change the layout of a document, rearrange paragraphs, columns, and pages, or make your documents look more professional by including stamps, watermarks, headers, footers and so forth.

Download Foxit PhantomPDF

3. Nuance Power PDF

nuance pdf

Nuance is another notable firm that develops PDF management software for individuals and enterprises. Power PDF is an easy-to-use piece of software that lets you create, edit, annotate and share documents quickly. It’s used by large organizations.

There are several versions of the software, all of which offer different features. The Standard edition lets you create, convert, combine and edit documents, fill in forms and share PDF files. It also lets you turn documents like invoices and receipts into PDFs through a scanning and OCR feature.

Meanwhile, the Power PDF Advanced package targeted at business users. While offering all the same features of the Standard edition, it comes with collaboration, security and redaction abilities. You can access documents anywhere and at any time through the cloud, too.

Enterprises can get a quote for volume licensing of the software as well. By going down this route, firms get one deployment package with a single license.

Download Nuance Power PDF

4. Soda PDF Anywhere

soda pdf

Lulu Software has developed a range of easy-to-use PDF management applications for both individual users and businesses under the Soda brand. PDF Anywhere is the firm’s enterprise offering, giving companies access to a full suite of cloud-based PDF tools.

With the software, you’re able to review, annotate, send and track documents from a single comprehensive user interface. You can also connect Soda PDF Anywhere to Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Evernote and Box accounts, which makes it easier to download and distribute documents.

Another great thing about the application is that it comes with a batch processing feature, allowing you to create and convert multiple PDF files at the same time. There’s an e-sign function as well, which you can use to prepare and send PDF-based contracts to clients or partners. What’s more, you can track and get reminders on all the documents you distribute through the app.

Plus, if you use a range of devices within your company, the software works not just for Windows, but also Mac, Linux, iOS and Android devices.

Download Soda PDF Anywhere

5. Perfect PDF Ultimate


SoftXpansion has developed Perfect PDF Ultimate, which is described by the firm as an ‘all-in-one’ application for processing PDF files. Available to buy directly from the Microsoft Store, this user-friendly software is perfect for viewing, editing and creating PDF documents.

Features include the ability to edit page content, generate interactive forms, comment on existing documents, as well as being able to convert, combine and split files. You can also add e-signatures and encryption to important business files.

Download Perfect PDF Ultimate

More Apps that we are Suggested Here


sumatra pdf

SumatraPDF is an open source and lightweight PDF reader software that you can install and use on your Windows computer. Licensed under GPLv3 license, SumatraPDF supports formats other than PDF as well, including the likes of EPUB, MOBI, FB2, CHM, XPS, and DjVu.

As mentioned above, this free and best PDF reader is very light and its 64-bit installer is just about 5MB in size. If you’re looking for the good PDF reader software that can simply deliver an amazing reading experience with fast performance and basic features, SumatraPDF is the right PDF reader for you. But, it lacks advanced features like annotations, document signing, and form-filling.

It supports various keyboard shortcuts to help you navigate easily and improve the reading experience. Sumatra also comes with easy previewing of LaTeX documents and you can configure different text editors to integrate Sumatra. It also supports running in restricted mode.

Download SumatraPDF

Web Browser

browser pdf

If your main demands are viewing PDF files and you don’t need features that come with advanced PDF reader software for Windows, you don’t need a dedicated software. Your web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Opera come with integrated PDF readers. They are a part of your web browser and updated regularly with new features along with your browser.

As you click on a PDF link, the web browser starts opening the PDF file on its own and provides you with a clutter-free reading experience. All the browsers let you use features like adjustable text size, rotation, download, and printing. Just in case you want to open locally stored PDF files using your web browser, you need to simply drag it to an open browser window to open the file. You can also right-click on the file to choose your browser using “Choose Another App” option. So, if you don’t open or view PDF files regularly, your web browser is the best PDF reader you can get.

Nitro Reader

nitro reader

Nitro Reader is another popular name. I personally like this free PDF document reader as it tries to strike the perfect balance between usability and features. It doesn’t come loaded with tons of unnecessary features that one never uses. Its slick interface looks like just any other application from Microsoft’s Office suite. Apart from all the basic features, Nitro Reader also comes with a handy QuickSign feature for digitally signing documents a simple task. You can also secure your documents and make sure that they are opened by the people who’ve received a digital certificate from you. So, Go for Nitro Reader if you wish to use a no-nonsense PDF reader that also has a nice UI.

Download Nitro Reader

Which Best PDF Reader do you use?

So, which free PDF reader software is your current favourite? Depending on your usage and needs, your choices might defer but you’ll surely find a suitable solution on this recommendation list.

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